Wood burning stove

Wood burning stove


A repurposed gas bottle wood burning stove. Great off grid heating for a basic tiny home. 

Reconditioned and repainted. Reclaimed, second hand.

5" vertical flue.


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This is a second hand, reclaimed and repurposed item. It does have signs of previous usage. It has been reconditioned and repainted, and should therefore be given a burn before installation to avoid any excess fumes from the painting process. It is a really good, classic wagon burner. A cast iron kettle or copper water pot sit very well on it.

Safety disclaimer:

This is a wood burner, it will get very hot. Only use with the utmost care.

If using indoors : ventilation must be provided.

Sensible installation is important, as with any fire. Always seek advise from a professional. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are always a good idea in any building for peace of mind and are not expensive to buy.

We accept no liability for loss, injury or damage caused by using this product.